1. How can I get rid of used device?

In order to get rid of a broken device it is recommended to contact the nearest electrowaste collection point, which should have appropriate permissions to collect, transport and utilize waste electronic and electrical equipment.

2. What is a waste transfer card and who is authorised to write it out?

A dokument called waste transfer card may be prepared by the owner of waste and must be drew out by a transactor authorised to collect waste according to the Act on WEEE. It is a document which confirms waste transfer. It includes the amount and the type of transferred waste, which are marked with codes assigned to them by the Act on WEEE.

3. What is the cost of getting rid of electrowaste?

In case of a company or public administrative unit the cost depends on individual factors such as the amount of waste or the place of its reception to transport. Another factor is a Greenlab Customer Status.

A private person can deliver waste electric and electronic equipment free of charge.

4. Does Greenlab collect charge for transport and does it depend on the determined minimal amount of waste?

Greenlab does not collect charges for transport, no matter the place of reception or the amout of waste. There is no determined minimal weight of waste. Its transport is always free of charge.

5. What happens to the waste devices collected by Greenlab?

The equipment is transported with our cars to specialised plants of processing and utylization of electrowaste, where it is treated to recover materials and substances which were originaly used to produce the equipment and, consequently, the electronic and electrical waste.

6. How can I find out if the company which collects waste works in accordance with regulations and the Act of WEEE?

All companies acting as waste collectors and utilizators should have appropriate permissions to run a business on WEEE managament. Theese permissions oblige them to act in accordance with European Union directives and the norms set by the Act on WEEE.