Recently it has become very popular to act to protect the natural environment in many different ways, which is an indication of proecological lifestyle.

In XXI century more and more people choose ecological food produced on ecological farms and set more store by a cleaner life on the Earth.

Blessings of ciwilizations, which are more and more numberous and wich make human life much easier turn out to be a vital element of our world.
It is hard to imagine a modern household - not to mention a company - without computers or phones.

After the great excitement of conquests of science it is time for a reflection and a severe assessing the situation. People started to pay more attention to the other side of a rapid technical develelopment and its results, which became a threaten for the envitonment.

There is a growing concern about the state of natural resources and environmental risks caused by the problem of global warming and fast-evolving genetic engineering.

Emerging environmental organizations for activities related to protection of the environment were a response to growing concerns about pollution of the Earth.

The ideology promoted by the ecological movements popularized natural resources management in accordance to the rule of sustainable development and the protection and the revival of the natural environment.