Our company, with plenty of experience on the home market of waste, guarantees the highest level of service and management of waste respecting the environmental and emission standars in accordance with Directives of European Union introduced into polish legislation.

We are in the national register of enterprenuers and WEEE recovery organizations of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection with the registration number E0006419Z.

As a leader in the field of elektrorecycling in Małopolska county we invite all manufacturers, producers, importers, retailers and local authorities to cooperate with us. We also invite companies involved in waste management, computer services, shops selling electrical or electronic equipment, electronic equipment, being subject to the law on waste electrical and electronic equipment.

We invite all interested transactors who run a business in the field of sales and service of electronic equipment beyond to trade partnership in order to to acquire and expand the network of elektrowaste collection.

To our partners we offer attractive terms of cooperation and high commissions.

You can make inquiries via e-mail ( or phone (0606299730).