GREENLAB Recycling Center provides comprehensive support in terms of paid reception of used computer equipment, electronic appliances, phones, consumer electronics and major appliances.

Our service includes collection, transport and disposal of used equipment from the whole country regardless of quantity.

We offer favorable conditions for receipt, payment, and the possibility of prices negotiations in case of larger quantities of waste and continuous cooperation.

For selected types of waste we pay the owner of the waste.

The scope of our services includes:

  • loading by our staff
  • weighing with electronical scales in the place of receipt
  • transportin with our cars to a utylisation plant

We assure the security and confidentiality of data on all kinds of media.

Having the appropriate permits and acting in accordance with applicable law we take the responsibility for waste received.

Accepting the load of waste we draw up a waste transfer card and waste descriptive document.
On the client's wish we also make detailed expert's report of equipment intended for utilization.

The list of waste that we accept:

  • hardware:
    • computers
    • notebooks
    • printers
    • photocopiers
    • cable distribution and control cabinets
    • keyboards
    • computer mouses
    • control and measure devices
    • cables
    • power suppliers
    • other peripherals
  • telephone equipment:
    • fixed phones
    • mobile phones
    • faxes
    • telephone exchanges
  • devices containing tube:
    • minitors
    • TV sets
    • other devices containing tube
  • consumer electronics:
    • radio receivers
    • tape recorders
    • tape players
  • power supply equipment:
    • UPS
    • lead-acid batteries and accumulators
    • other batteries and accumulators
  • data storage devices:
    • magnetic
    • optical
    • CD
  • print devices:
    • toner from photocopiers and laser printers
    • containers after cartridges from inkjet printers
    • tapes from dot matrix printers
  • major appliances:
    • refrigerators
    • washing machines
    • wireless kettles
    • racks
    • microwave ovens
    • toasters
    • fans
    • electric heaters
    • air conditioners
    • water heaters
    • other household equipment containing electronic components