GREENLAB RECYCLING CENTER was created as a response to a consumer demand for a specific type of service - a professional utilization of all kind of used electronic equipment. A service provided by the company includes weighing, loading, transport and utilisation of electronic waste from Małopolska province, and even the whole country, regardless of its quantity. To our clients we offer help to get rid of waste, favorable conditions for receipt and payment, and a possibility of prices negotiations in case of a long-term cooperation or large amounts of waste.

Few people know that the Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and 2002/95/EC eliminating hazardous materials from electronic equipment (RoHS) - regulate the problems now barely noticeable in the polish reality. Meanwhile, recovery of electronic waste at a rate of 4 kg per person each year requires the recycling of computers (about 20 million), household appliances and mobile phones.


Our technology is based on the solutions used in the countries of the European Union. They are constantly modificated taking into account the recent developments in this field. The essence of these solutions is included in the motto: recycling - a returning of recovered materials for re-processing and circulation in the economy in a transformed form. Due to the complexity and diversity of the waste this work is very labor- and time-taking, but we are still working on solutions which could allow to lower costs of processing. In consequence, we want to make the widest possible range of clients to benefit from environment-friendly way to get rid of these specific waste.

Ecological effects

Our methods guarantee up to 90% recovery of recyclable materials, which allows us to get rid of significant amount of potentially dangerous and difficult for self-management products. Enormous amount of waste with a nearly zero modulus of biodegradation without our participation would be a problem lasting for many decades. Similar danger couses refrigeration equipment containing ozone-depleting substance or PCBs waste. Thanks to our work waste are not a problem any more. Maybe tens and even hundreds of unnecessary electrical equipment will come to us instead of to the forests, rivers or lakes.